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Berghahn Journals is the journals division of Berghahn Books, an independent scholarly publisher in the humanities and social sciences. A peer-review press, Berghahn is committed to the highest academic standards and seeks to enable innovative contributions to the scholarship in its fields of specialty.

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Coming Soon: Boyhood Studies – An Interdisciplinary Journal

We’re pleased to announce the launch of an exciting new journal in 2015 titled Boyhood Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal. The first issue will be published this month!   Boyhood Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal is a peer-reviewed journal providing a forum … Continue reading

Hot Off the Presses – New Journal Issues Published in July

European Comic Art Volume 8, Issue 1 Articles in this edition of ECA pursue the theme of boundary crossing by examining negotiations between the national and the transnational from several different angles, including subject matter, influences, and critical traditions.  

Populist radical right parties and (trans)national environmental issues

This is a guest post written by Bernhard Forchtner, contributor to the forthcoming issue of the journal Nature and Culture . Bernhard Forchtner is a contributor to the article titled “The Nature of Nationalism: ‘Populist Radical Right Parties’ on Countryside and … Continue reading

Flexible Bureaucracy & The “Public Good”: Land Restitution in Post-Apartheid South Africa

In its spring 2015 volume, The Cambridge Journal of Anthropology published the special issue “Remaking the Public Good: A New Anthropology of Bureaucracy”, edited by Laura Bear and Nayanika Mathur. In this blog post, Olaf Zenker – contributor of the … Continue reading

New to Berghahn!

Screen Bodies: Expanding the horizons of research and thought in how we view and display bodies on screen

Screen Bodies is a peer-reviewed journal focusing on the intersection of Screen Studies and Body Studies across disciplines, institutions, and media. It is a forum promoting research on various aspects of embodiment on and in front of screens through articles, reviews, and interviews. The journal considers moving and still images, whether from the entertainment industry, information technologies, or news and media outlets, including cinema, television, the internet, and gallery spaces. It investigates the private experiences of portable and personal devices and the institutional ones of medical and surveillance imaging. Screen Bodies addresses the portrayal, function, and reception of bodies on and in front of screens from the perspectives of gender and sexuality, feminism and masculinity, trans* studies, queer theory, critical race theory, cyborg studies, and dis/ability studies. More Information...

Featured Journal

Museum Worlds: Advances in Research

Museum Worlds: Advances in Research is a multidisciplinary, refereed, annual journal that publishes work that significantly advances knowledge of global trends, case studies, and theory relevant to museum practice and scholarship around the world.
Responding to the need for a rigorous, in-depth review of current work in its field, Museum Worlds: Advances in Research contributes to the ongoing formation of Museum Studies as an academic and practical area of research that is rapidly expanding and alive with potential, opportunity, and challenge that parallels the rapid growth of museums in just about every part of the world. More Information...

Introducing the Museum Worlds companion site!

View virtual issues, online tours, museum news, events, and more. More Information...

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    July 2015

    1. “I HATE HATE HATE being single" and "Why is getting a bf so hard for me?": Reproducing heteronormative femininity on
      Girlhood Studies, vol. 2, #1, Summer 2009
    2. Misunderstood, misrepresented, contested? Anthropological knowledge production in question
      Focaal, vol. 2015, #72, Summer 2015
    3. Posthumous Rescue: The Shafia Young Women as Worthy Victims
      Girlhood Studies, vol. 7, #1, Summer 2014
    4. Anthropological practice: Ethics and dilemmas
      Focaal, vol. 2015, #72, Summer 2015
    5. The anthropologist's assistant (or the assistant's anthropologist?): The story of a disturbing episode
      Focaal, vol. 2015, #72, Summer 2015
    6. The Greek economic crisis as trope
      Focaal, vol. 2013, #65, Spring 2013
    7. Blaming Sexualization for Sexting
      Girlhood Studies, vol. 7, #1, Summer 2014
    8. Taking Centre Stage? Girlhood and the Contradictions of Femininity across Three Generations
      Girlhood Studies, vol. 1, #2, Winter 2008
    9. Who is Afraid of the Ontological Wolf? Some Comments on an Ongoing Anthropological Debate
      The Cambridge Journal of Anthropology, vol. 33, #1, Spring 2015
    10. Picturing the New Berlin: Filmic Representations of the Postunification Capital
      German Politics & Society, vol. 33, #1-2, Spring/Summer 2015 

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