Contributions to the History of Concepts

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Editor: Sinai Rusinek, Polonsky Academy, The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute


Contributions is the international peer-reviewed journal of the History of Concepts Group (formerly, HPSCG). It is hosted and sponsored by the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute.

The journal serves as a platform for theoretical and methodological articles as well as empirical studies on the history of concepts and their social, political, and cultural contexts. It aims to promote the dialogue between the history of concepts and other disciplines, such as intellectual history, history of knowledge and science, linguistics, translation studies, history of political thought and discourse analysis.

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Subjects: History, Linguistics

The 17th International Conference on the History of Concepts is taking place August 28-30 2014 at the University of Bielefeld.

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Current Issue

Winter 2013, Volume 8(2)



Entangled History and the Scholarly Concept of Enlightenment
Jeffrey D. Burson

Freemen, Free Labor, and Republican Discourses of Liberty in Early Modern England
Geoff Kennedy

Totalitarian Language: Creating Symbols to Destroy Words
Juan Francisco Fuentes



Liberalism’s Historical Diversity: A Comparative Conceptual Exploration
José María Rosales

On the Difficulty of Being a National Liberal in Nineteenth-Century Finland
Jussi Kurunmäki

The Rise of Danish Agrarian Liberalism
Jeppe Nevers

From “Liberal Minimum” to the “Complete Catalog of Human Rights”: On Central Concepts of Hungarian Postdissident Liberals
Ferenc Laczó


Semantics of Detachment
A Review of Burkhard Hasebrink, Susanne Bernhardt, and Imke Früh, eds., Semantik der Gelassenheit: Generierung, Etablierung, Transformation [Semantics of detachment: Formation, establishment, transformation]
Silke Schwandt

Beyond the Untranslatability of Concepts
A Review of Martin J. Burke and Melvin Richter, eds., Why Concepts Matter: Translating Social and Political Thought
László Kontler

Emotional Modernities
A Review of Ute Frevert, Monique Scheer, Anne Schmidt, Pascal Eitler, Bettina Hitzer, Nina Verheyen, Benno Gammerl, Christian Bailey, and Margrit Pernau, Gefühlswissen: Eine lexikalische Spurensuche in der Moderne [Emotional knowledge: In search of lexical clues in modernity]
Anu Korhonen

Beyond Peace as a Process
A Review of Julia Harfensteller, The United Nations and Peace: The Evolution of an Organizational Concept
Marie-Christine Boilard

Human Rights as Conceptual History
A Review of Stefan-Ludwig Hoff mann, ed., Human Rights in the Twentieth Century
Johan Strang