Journal of Global and Historical Anthropology

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Focaal – Journal of Global and Historical Anthropology is a peer-reviewed journal advocating an approach that rests in the simultaneity of ethnography, processual analysis, local insights, and global vision. It is at the heart of debates on the ongoing conjunction of anthropology and history as well as the incorporation of local research settings in the wider spatial networks of coercion, imagination, and exchange that are often glossed as "globalization" or "empire."

Seeking contributions on all world regions, Focaal is unique among anthropology journals for consistently rejecting the old separations between "at home" and "abroad," "center," and "periphery." The journal therefore strives for the resurrection of an "anthropology at large," that can accommodate issues of the global south, post-socialism, mobility, metropolitan experience, capitalist power and popular resistance into integrated perspectives.

Introducing: FocaalBlog, which aims to accelerate and intensify anthropological conversations beyond what a regular academic journal can do, and to make them more widely, globally, and swiftly available.


Current Issue, Focaal 71


Edited by Graeme MacRae



Knowledge production and the politics of positionality in globalized and neoliberalized times
Graeme MacRae

Anthropology and the “imaginators” of future European universities
Susan Wright

Imagining globalization in anthropology: Diversity, equality, and the politics of knowledge
Thomas Reuter

Peripheral vision as anthropological critique: How perspectives from the margins can illuminate the exploits of twenty-first-century global capitalism
Cris Shore and Susanna Trnka



Indigenizing “civil society” in Serbia: What local fund-raising reveals about class and trust
Marek Mikuš

Which community for cooperatives? Peasant mobilizations, the Mafia, and the problem of community participation in Sicilian co-ops
Theodoros Rakopoulos

Local capitalism and neoliberalization in a Shenzhen former lineage village
Anne-Christine Trémon

Assemblages of sovereignty and anti-sovereign effects on the Irish border
Lorenzo Cañás Bottos

“Ginger is a gamble”: Crop booms, rural uncertainty, and the neoliberalization of agriculture in South India
Daniel Münster

Single mothers in Osh: Well-being and coping strategies of women in the aftermath of the 2010 conflict in Kyrgyzstan
Aksana Ismailbekova