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Pricing & Policies

2017 subscription prices are now available. Download the complete 2017 list.

Berghahn Collections – complete collection and subject bundles

Libraries may purchase at a special discount — with the option to purchase the backfiles in addition — the entire Berghahn collection or Berghahn journals bundled by subject. Subject bundles include Anthropology, History, and Politics. Please contact Berghahn Journals for pricing:

Online Trials and Sample Copy Requests

Sample copies are available in print or online and are available for individual examination or to forward on to your librarian along with the library recommendation form. To request a sample copy for review go to the journal's webpage and follow the links.

60-day online trials are available for all Berghahn journals. Follow simple registration steps to activate your trial:

Calendar-Based Subscriptions

All subscriptions are available on a complete volume basis only. Subscriptions begin with the first issue of the current year and expire in December, or once the last issue for that volume has shipped (should any issues be delayed into the following calendar year). Any issues published prior to a subscription for that year will be sent on receipt of payment.


All payments should be directed to Turpin Distribution

Full pre-payment, in the correct currency, is required for all subscriptions. Subscribers in the UK should remit payment in pounds sterling to the UK Turpin office; subscribers in Europe should remit payment in Euros to the UK Turpin office; subscribers in the Americas and Rest of World should provide payment in U.S. dollars to the U.S. Turpin office.

Payments can be made by check or credit card (MasterCard, Visa and American Express credit cards and Switch debit cards).



All subscriptions billed to Canada are subject to a Goods and Service Tax. Please add 7% GST to the prices quoted or provide notice of GST exemption or submit proof of exemption.


Subscriptions in the EU may be subject to European VAT. Registered subscribers are asked to please supply details to avoid unnecessary charges.


Subscription rates include standard class postage for domestic destinations and standard IMEX for international addresses. Airmail postage is available for an additional charge.

Discount to Agents

Subscription agencies receive a 3% discount on the institutional price rates provided in the price list. 2016 Price List


No refunds will be made after the first issue of the journal for the subscription year in question has been shipped.


Claims must be made within six months of publication or upon receipt of the next issue (whichever is sooner).

Change of Address

All address changes should be directed to your nearest Turpin office. Please give four weeks notice for change of address, supplying both the old and new address details. Please also make sure to provide the reference number provided on the invoice.

Online Access - IngentaConnect

Please refer to the Berghahn access site:

Institutional access to online content is available through IngentaConnect. Access information and the necessary site license agreements are available on the librarian resource center site: If you have a license on file with Berghahn it is NOT necessary to submit a new license.

Berghahn Journals supports the NISO-sponsored SERU initiative (Shared Electronic Resource Understanding): Institutions registered with the NISO/SERU and wishing to subscribe to any Berghahn Journal may forego a traditional licensing agreement and operate under SERU Recommended Practices and should notify Berghahn accordingly. If a license is required, please refer to the standard Berghahn Journals license agreement.

Any questions should be directed to Berghahn:

Changes to Berghahn Journals for 2015

New to Berghahn starting in 2015

  • Boyhood Studies
    Volume 8, Issues pa: 2
    ISSN: 2375-9240 (Print) • ISSN: 2375-9267 (Online)
  • Conflict and Society: Advances in Research
    Volume 1, Issue pa: 1
    ISSN: 2164-4543 (Print) • ISSN: 2164-4551 (Online)
  • Screen Bodies
    Volume 1, Issues pa: 2
    ISSN: 2374-7552 (Print) • ISSN: 2374-7560 (Online)

Moving from Berghahn starting in 2015

  • Asia Pacific World
    ISSN: 2042-6143 (Print) • ISSN: 2042-6151 (Online)
  • To be published by the IAAPS

New to Berghahn starting in 2014

  • Democratic Theory
    Volume 1, Issues pa: 2
    ISSN: 2332-8894 (Print) • ISSN: 2332-8908 (Online)

Moving from Berghahn starting in 2014

  • Nomadic Peoples
    Volume 18, Issues pa: 2
    ISSN: 0822-7942 (Print) • ISSN: 1752-2366 (Online)
    To be published by The White Horse Press