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Anthropological Journal of European Cultures

(formerly: Anthropological Yearbook of European Cultures)

Aims & Scope

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European Bodies

Previously published as Anthropological Yearbook of European Cultures

Published since 1990, Anthropological Journal of European Cultures (AJEC) engages with current debates and innovative research agendas addressing the social and cultural transformations of contemporary European societies. The journal serves as an important forum for ethnographic research in and on Europe, which in this context is not defined narrowly as a geopolitical entity but rather as a meaningful cultural construction in people's lives, which both legitimates political power and calls forth practices of resistance and subversion. By presenting both new field studies and theoretical reflections on the history and politics of studying culture in Europe anthropologically, AJEC encompasses different academic traditions of engaging with its subject, from social and cultural anthropology to European ethnology and empirische Kulturwissenschaften.

In addition to the thematic focus of each issue, which has characterised the journal from its inception, AJEC now also carries individual articles on other topics addressing aspects of social and cultural transformations in contemporary Europe from an ethnographically grounded anthropological perspective. All such contributions are peer reviewed. Each issue also includes book reviews and reports on major current research programmes.

An obituary for Ina-Maria Greverus, founder of AJEC, will be featured in Volume 26, Issue 2, Autumn 2017.

Subjects: Anthropology, Cultural Studies, European Studies

Current Issue

Volume 27, Issue 1

Thematic Focus: In Memoriam Ina-Maria Greverus (1929–2017)

Editorial: Ina-Maria Greverus, AJEC and the Anthropology of Europe
Ullrich Kockel and Elisabeth Timm


The Serendipity of Anthropological Practice
Francisco Martínez

Learning from Greverus: Pathways towards Another Aesthetic in Anthropology
Judith Laister

Courage and Obstinacy: Remembering a Frontrunner
Johanna Rolshoven

Sicily: An Anthropological Meeting Point
Christian Giordano

Global Heimat: (Post)Migrant Productions of Transnational Space
Regina Römhild

‘Environmental Orientations’ and the Anthropology of the Anthropocene
Gisela Welz

Pioneering Doktormutter: Remembering Ina-Maria Greverus
Helena Wulff

AJEC: Investigating European Cultures, Bridging Disciplines
Gabriela Kiliánová and Tatiana Podolinská

Anthropology of Europe Redux: Déjà vu in the South
Jon P. Mitchell

The Eurozone Crisis, Greece and European Integration: Anthropological Perspectives on Austerity in the EU
Sally Raudon and Cris Shore

Islam and Ethnicity in Russia: Together or Apart?

Islam and Ethnicity in Russia: An Introduction
Lili Di Puppo and Jesko Schmoller

Ethnic Muslims and the ‘Halal Movement’ in Tatarstan
Matteo Benussi

Status Translation: Central Asian Migrants between Ethnic Discrimination and Religious Integration
Sophie Roche

False Signposts and High Climbing: The Search for a Localised Islamic Orthodoxy in Russia
Lili Di Puppo

Shari’a and ‘Traditional Tatar Islam’: From Flexibility to Protection
Rozaliya Garipova

The Unfolding of the Tulip: From Ethnic to Religious Identification among Volga Tatars
Jesko Schmoller

How Monotony Transforms into Dichotomy: East-West Division in the Post-Soviet North Caucasus
Sufian Zhemukhov

Russia’s ‘Other Ummah’: From ‘Ethnic Shi’ism’ to Ideological Movement?
Bruno De Cordier



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